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Learn how to install nuOS in under 10 minutes.

Download nuOS and rufus.

nuOS is our OS, it will help you get a head start on your AI apps. Rufus is a cool application that lets you mount nuOS onto any USB.

Download nuOS »     Download rufus »

Mount nuOS to your USB.

Find a USB with 16GB of storage. Double click on the rufus-2.18p to open rufus. Select your USB from the device dropdown, and click the disk icon to browse for the nuOS-1.2017.11.18-amd64.iso file. Click Start when ready.

Install nuOS.

Plug your USB into your dev computer (make sure it's off). Turn your computer on and boot into your USB (you may need to press F12). Then select Install Ubuntu and follow the instructions.

Rock on.

That's it! Just restart your computer and you will boot into nuOS. Start playing around with some of the awesome tools and libraries we've installed for you, or browse for cat gifs on Chrome!

When you're ready, why not try some examples?

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